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Well, you know me. I’m always happy to bleed for the Winchesters.


Doctor Who Review - Listen (8x04) : Finally, A Scary Episode! Clara & Danny?
↳ This episode was hilarious - I loved it immensely but there were a few hiccups along the way. I think this is one of the best we’ve had yet though in Steven Moffat’s enough time as show runner! Peter Capaldi’s acting blew me away and Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink is really growing on me.

My name is Evrim, and I am a big time Doctor Who fan. This is my fourth video review of a Doctor Who episode, however I’ve been ranting on about the show for years. If you like my content and want more, please visit my Tumblr at and subscribe to my channel! Come along as say hello! I’m sorry if this review is low quality, I’m still getting use to being in front of the camera, but I can promise you, that I’ll continue to improve!

I am a film student and theatre student. I am currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. I am hoping to take a more analytical approach to reviewing Doctor Who, from the perspective of someone who enjoys and understands the construction of screen writing and film direction. Cheers mate.


the stuff of legend meme

favorite quotes 




you looked inside me and you saw hatred.



My favourite line from the episode


Arya Stark Appreciation Week | Day Six: Favorite Scene


SLYTHERIN APPRECIATION WEEK: favourite quote by a slytherin or about slytherin

"We’re like our emblem, the snake: sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood.”


I don’t think that I’m a hugging person now.
I’m not sure you get a vote.

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